Human Rights Council
United Arab Emirates


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Committee: Commission on Human Rights

Topic: Discrimination in HIV prevention of drug users

Country: United Arab Emirates

Delegate: Bimal Jaiswal, JAMK university of Applied Science

UAE (United Arab Emirates) countries of sun, sea, sand, green energy, all the luxury what people want to spend a whole life. Our government believe in development and progress. We want our country, people, and the whole world to be highly developed. Our EAU only having 10% of our own people and remaining all are expatriates. They live, enjoy and spend their whole life with luxury without paying any tax.

According to the research done in 2012, More than 90% of the HIV/AIDS patients are foreigner so they should deported to their own country. We believe it’s fair because our government is not taking any tax from them so hoping a support from UAE isn’t logical. There is no data a...

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