Human Rights Council
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


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Delegation from: The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Represented by: Lovisa Vateman The Human Rights Council

Position Paper: The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Human Rights Council will be addressing the issues of Torture, Cruel Inhuman and/or Degrading Treatment and/or Punishment of Drug Users, and Discrimination in HIV Prevention of Drug Users

Topic 1: Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of Drug Users

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela believes drug abuse and trafficking, as well as drug-related crime to be global socio-economic issues, needing to be urgently and throughly addressed by the international community. Venezuela promotes the Principle of Common and Shared Responsibility, in both individual and joint international action in order to meet demands of individuals and states on international, regional, and local levels. In 1993, Venezuela introduced rehabilitation for persons in possession of smaller doses of illegal substances (up 2 grams of cocaine and 20 grams of cannabis). The domestic Venezuelan policy...

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