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Drug trafficking routes to Europe

The Republic of China, considered one of the victorious powers of the WW2, became a permanent member of the Security Council in 1945. As a result of the communists winning the Chinese Civils Wars, China is now called People’s Republic of China in official international settings.

China is deeply concerned about the worldwide escalation of illegal drug use in all its forms and manifestations. Unfortunately also China nationally faces a growing problem of illicit drug use. Addiction does however not receive much public sympathy or priority in government funding. As drug use, distribution and trafficking is prohibited and punished with death penalty, China proves - with our punishment - that drug usage is a serious crime.The number of officially registered drug addicts has increased every year since 1998 and the government’s first annual drug enforcement report. Todays number is about 2.5 million. Around China’s borders are the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent located. The biggest Opium producers are Afghanistan, Myanma...

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