Disarmament and International Security Committee


Ruey Xuan Lee

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Topic: Missile Defense Country: Uganda Committee: Disarmament and International Security

Missile defense technology has expanded over the recent decades and has been improved to handle larger, more dangerous threats like nuclear missiles and long-range ballistic projectiles. Deterrence is a keystone of the missile defense policy, and continues to be the main priority for countries implementing such systems. Nuclear warfare is a serious problem to consider within the international community as it could bring about destruction of the planet if allowed to transcend into the stage of mutually assured destruction (MAD). During the Cold War era, countries influenced by the US bloc and the Soviet spheres have been hostile and tensions were high. With the dissolution of the USSR, there technically exists no further reason to own any nuclear missiles or weapons of mass destruction. Anti-air missiles implemented by countries may help in deterring possible attacks, but it is not a long-term solution.

Missile Defense systems have a limited impact in solving the problem of nuclear warfare, as they merely act as a temporary solution. This causes the international solution to b...

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