Arab League


Chiao Yu Hsu
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Committee: The Arab League

Country: State of Eritrea

Name: Qiao Shan Yang, Chiao Yu Hsu

Topic area A: The situation in Yemen
B: Sustainable economic development in the Arab world

Topic area A: The situation in Yemen

Eritrea became independent from Ethiopian in 1993, we advocating the development of relations with other countries on the basis of the principles of peaceful coexistence, so a peaceful, non-aligned, good-neighborly foreign policy is what Eritrea pursue. However, there still was some conflict obstruct our idea. There was a war between Ethiopia and Eritrea for a long time, and Yemen, which had supported our independence, had also broken out a war about Hanish Island. Every country knew the Arab League has relied on the oil and gas for many years. However, Eritrea was a non-oil state, besides we needed the important economic resource to stabilize our country, so we positive wanted to get the sovereignty of Hanish island then we could explore the oil in the red sea. Eritrea knew conflict can only brought bloodshed and sacrifice, so we agreed the decision by International Tribunal and commit that Hanish Island was Yemen’s.

Eritrea is a country which gradually progress, we actively promote the development of mining, fisheries, tourism, increase investment in agricultural infrastructure, to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation with the countries concerned. However, the war has combated our economic; some of our citizen couldn’t endure the environment and escaped. So Eritrea suggested that every country should come up with a possible solution together.

Eritrea has some suggestion to the Arab League:

(A)About the solution ...

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