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Questioning the role of borders

Serbia, a country in the Southeastern Europe with a past that everybody knows.The conflicts and complications concerning religion and ethnic groups will lead to many wars and tensions starting from 1912. The country is best know under a name of Yugoslavia , a country which existed from 1912 until 1995. Composed by 7 different country's Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro , Macedonia, Slovenia and a territory known as Kosovo [which declared their independence in 2008 from Serbia although the country is still not official] . Somehow if we look all the way back to the Serbian history and its indecency the nations was always passionate by having larger territory and have an expansion. However there was always one little problem : different ethnic group and religion. In the same time it was hard for a country to construct a stable democratic police. Instead they became communists after the WW2 until 1995. The communist party leader was famous Tito . He was leader of Yugoslavia from 1953 until his death 1980. He managed in a way to stabilize the border issues and the countrie...

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