The European Parliament
S&D Position 14


Rebecca Rhlalou
United Kingdom

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S&D Individual Position Paper on the Commission’s regulation proposal on Europol

The S&D party is in general favourable to the Commission’s proposal to strengthen Europol’s prerogatives in fighting organized European crime. The party is in particular supportive of the increase in control by the European Parliament of Europol, as in the 2010 directive it was stated that Europol only had to report occasionally to the deputies. Hence the 2013 proposal increases members of parliament’s say on the way Europol is managed. Moreover, the S&D party encourages the Commission’s initiative to allow Europol to directly solicit Member States’, without going through a liaison officer (as put forward by Article 7, (3) “Europol may directly cooperate with competent authorities of the Member States in respect of individual investigations” . In effect, this would reduce Member States’ ability to withhold sensitive information and thus create an integrated European data sharing organisation. I especially support the 2013 proposal for the increasing of Europol’s competencies as I deem it necessary to have a fully integrated European police office to gather and analyse information from all Member States. I feel that, although the proposal increases the number of cases when Europol can breach personal data, the proportionality principle ...

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