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The European People’s Party in the European Parliament strongly believes that the fight against the frightening increase of terrorism, which has shown to be a major threat for our European society especially since the beginning of 2015, is one of the top priorities the European Union has to deal with (1).

Therefore, the EPP is a strong advocate of anti-terrorism measures, which, seen the complexity of our European free internal market, should be necessarily taken on the European level. Consequently, the EPP is very grateful the European Commission has made two very appropriate proposals for measures. On the one hand, the Directive concerning the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Hereby the Financial Action Task Force has done a great job with its recommendations of February 2012 (2) on the topic. On the other hand we are delighted with the proposal for Regulation concerning the strengthening and integrating of Europol. As an MEP of the EPP, I’m strongly convinced of the great value of both proposals, which should, bearing in mind some remarks made below, be accepted by the European Parliament.

1. Proposal for a Directive on the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing

The last few y...

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