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First of all, Slovenia wishes to salute the initiative that has been put forward by the Commission regarding the establishment of an energy union. While our country appreciates the need for a further integrated market and improvements in the energy sector, we wish to point out a certain number of things.

The main point is that we believe it is of crucial importance not to establish an energy union at the detriment of the decarbonisation policy. Slovenia is one of the countries that is at this stage the furthest on track to meet its target of a 25% of renewable energy by 2020 (now at 21,5%) and has been nominated fifth greenest country of the globe, and Ljubljana being the green capital of Europe. The targets will hence be met and non-negligible investments have been made to ensure this. The major issue for us regarding decarbonisation is the emissions related to transport that are well above average. Due to Slovenia’s position as an interconnection point with corridors V and X crossing the country, there is a very high rate of transit. This issue will have to be addressed with regard to the decarbonisation policy, even though steps have already been taken in the right direction (taxation on fuel, building of a second railway track as to reduce truck-borne freight). Thus, we believe it would be pertinent to examine the topic of pan-European transport as well (as ve...

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