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Rael Baird
United States

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Topic 1: The Effectiveness of Carbon Trading

Carbon trading’s effectiveness has been a major subject of debate, particularly in China, India, and the United States of America. Carbon trading is an important issue for these countries as they are currently, forecasted to, or have experienced rapid growth as a result of their high fossil fuel usage, and consequently high carbon emissions. The Industrial Revolution was when Western nations began using fossil fuels to power factories, which greatly increased production, sales, and development, but also carbon emissions. China and India are experiencing their “Industrial Revolution” currently. The clear trend is that countries develop, and when developing, they emit more carbon than before. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind the development of countries when assigning carbon reduction targets. The debate about the effectiveness of carbon trading is a prominent one due to the potential benefits it could provide despite the lack of consistent enforcement.

A lack of consistent enforcement is the main reason that previous attempts at carbon trading, including the Kyoto Protocol, have failed. It is a huge undertaking by the regulating body to monitor all of the carbon emissions of participat...

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