United Nations Environmental Program


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Position Paper of Senegal for the The United Nations Environmental Programme

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  1. Country - Sengegal
  2. Committee – United Nations Environmental Programme
  3. Topic – 1) The effective use of Carbon trading process 2) The use of Hydraulic Fracking

Globalisation has taken its impacts on our environment and it would be unacceptable to say that ‘the impacts have yet not been seen’. Senegal believes that quick and effective decisions have to be made in order to sustain living existence. The method of Carbon Tax is doing the job that had taken us so many years to come to a consensus with an effective decision. Senegal is a first world country with agriculture and fishing as it main source of welfare, however the emergence of foreign companies have indeed brought in some factories and skilled employment. Senegal understands that such companies will pollute the environment at the cost of good health and environment, however it also believes that with some reformation of the education system and government bureaucracy, Senegal will be able to implement laws and strict policies in order to protect our delicate env...

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