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Aloysius Yong

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Yale-NUS College Asia-Pacific Model United Nations

Position paper

Committee: United Nations Environmental Program

Delegate Name: Aloysius Yong

Country: Chile

School: Yishun Town Secondary School

Topic A: The Effectiveness of the Carbon Trading Process

The emission of greenhouse gases, such as that of methane, carbon dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) contribute to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs when radiation from the sun is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and warms the planet up. The absence of this phenomenon would result in the earth being too cold to sustain life. However, the problem comes about when the greenhouse effect becomes enhanced. Since 1970, CO2 emissions have increased by about 90%. Therefore the idea of carbon trading was conceived in December 1997 with the introduction of the Kyoto Protocol, in attempt to encourage states to lower the emission of greenhouse gases. However, it was in 2012 that the Kyoto Protocol came to an end and this creates continuation issues regarding not only the carbon trading process but also other mechanisms installed to alleviate climate change.

In Chile, copper exports are the main contributor to the country’s economy and development. Copper alone provides 19% of the government revenue. However, the impact of copper production in Chile on the environment is growing at an alarming rate. The production of copper is a long and dangerous process. Workers heat copper at high temperatures as many as fifteen times before the metal is ready for export. The refiners at the factories emit high quantities of arsenic and carbon-monoxide.

Most governments have responded to the increase in the emissio...

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