United Nations Environmental Program


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Delegate: PUNJABI Reshma Ratan

Committee: United Nationals Environmental Program

Country Allocation: Canada

Topic A: The Effectiveness of the Carbon Trading Process

The Greenhouse Gas effect essentially can be considered as the means by which heat/radiation from the Sun remains trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. Necessary to sustain life, it is an actuality beyond human control. Having said that, the problem arises when the greenhouse effect is enhanced. Specifically post the industrial revolution, the release of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, has increased exponentially. This climate change engenders severe issues of global warming, animal extinction, and possible increased seismic events.

Given its highly potent affect on human life, countries began adopting means of curbing the release of carbon dioxide.

The carbon trading system regards quantifying release of carbon dioxide as an economic value and setting a limit to allowed emissions. The cost of production thus increases; decreasing the incentive to produce the ‘greenhouse gases, or rather, exp...

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