Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Sasha Ng

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Committee: Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

Topic:Controlling Demand and Supply of Drugs

Country: Burundi

An estimate of 300,000 people were killed in the Burundian Civil War that lasted from 1993 to 2005. This political crisis involves the 2 main ethnic groups; the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi. It was finally resolved in 2005 where a peace process that brought in the 2005 constitution provided guaranteed representation for both ethnic groups.

However poverty has remained a serious issue in Burundi. According to the World Bank, over 60% of Burundians do not have enough food. In 2012, the World Bank estimates – 70 percent of Burundi’s population lives below poverty line and malnutrition is widespread.

In the case of Bolivia, there is a culturally ingrained mindset that drug production is a profitable means as a livelihood. This is applicable in many countries across Africa, where farmers are turning to cannabis as a quick cash crop, instead of growing food crops that the population greatly requires. In 2008, a UN World Drug Report estimated that of 42,000 metric tons of cannabis grow...

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