Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Antara Verma

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Special Political and Decolonisation Committee Austria Position Paper

TOPIC 1: The war against narcotics

Austria has been facing issues with illicit drug taking for decades, primarily with cannabis. Between individuals aged 15-34 years old the, the commonness of non-medicinal cannabis use was 19.2% while ecstasy and amphetamines were at 3.3% and 3.1% respectively. Since 1971, Austria’s criminal code has made distinct differentiations between personal use and commercial trade of all drugs. Additionally, since the 1980s Austria has emphasised on seeking help for those caught with illicit drugs rather than charging them as criminals. To enforce this principle, a system of procedures were implemented to determine whether a case was for personal use or for commercial purposes. 10g of cannabis or above w...

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