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Delegation- Honduras

In context of the current on goings, and the progression of the world into the future, the issues concerning sustainable development have become far more complex, and now require a more sophisticated approach that needs to incorporate ideas presented by all countries. Topic A: - FOOD SECURITY The Delegate of Honduras is deeply concerned about both the issues that have arisen. This Delegate strongly feels that the problem of Food Security is more worthy of attention and immediate action, since Food Security needs to be assimilated into all countries. The WFP (World Food Programme) states that there is “enough food in the world today for everyone’s nourishment”. Hence, this problem can actually be mitigated, since the world is not limited by the lack of food. The main flaw lies in the access to the food and the stability of food supply in individual countries. Honduras is severely afflicted with poverty, which affects more than half of the country’s population. Furthermore, at least 40% of the population lives under the poverty line. This creates two major issues: the lack of food security as well as the stagnancy of the economy, which is proved by severely low GDP (<5000$ per capita). For Honduras, the issue of food security can have a m...

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