High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Ya Wei Toh

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FOOD SECURITY Norway imports more than half of its food needs. As such, global food security, including the improvement of productivity in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, together with ecosystem conservation, is among the main priorities of Norwegian development cooperation. Norway understands that securing long-term access to food requires a broad approach that covers climate change and environmental considerations, integrated natural resources management, production conditions and a rights-based perspective.

Norway believes programmes that provides technical advice on good management practices including but no limited to: cultivation, livestock and aquaculture, market and price information, soil health, water, pest management, climate-smart technology choices and risk management practices should be introduced to smallholder farmers. Norway understands that food loss is a serious problem. About one-third of all produced food is never consumed, for a number of reasons. Reducing food loss will yield considerable benefits – economic, environmental and in terms of equitable distribution – throughout the value chain. With adequate investment and training, post-harvest losses can be drastically reduced. While tens of thousan...

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