High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Elaine Kojongian

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Committee: High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Topic: Post-2015 Agenda Food Security Country: Uganda

The prominence of food security had been rising for the past decade and has always been viewed as both global and domestic concern. Millions of global citizen are affected, as nation’s food security is susceptible to the volatile economic state, development of infrastructure, national security and environmental issues. Food insecurity hotspots mainly lie upon Sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia and Southeastern Asia. The widespread affair worsens as they intertwine with the current extreme climate change, which includes irregular rainfall patterns, extended droughts and natural disasters. Declining pre-harvest agricultural activities, degrading environmental conditions and low production rate results in inadequate food availability. In addition, access to these basic needs frustrate, causing the discouragement of balanced global distribution, as some regions lack infrastructure and security.

Many nation-wide organization and individuals in society takes part in securing food sufficiency and eradicating hunger. United Nations World Food Program and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have been providing the people of Uganda aid on providing agriculture, cash, market support, U.S in-kind food as well as regionally or locally purchased food. Over the past last two decades, Uganda had reduced the levels of hunger by 15% and the prevalence of underweight children under-five year of age rate from 25.5% to 10%. However the delegation of Uganda realizes that constant aid supply, without nation self-growth establishes dependency and will only be a temporary solution to food security.
The Global Food Security Index marks during 2015, food security score falls by 0.7 compared to the previous year. Providing aid without course of actions that empower sustainability may result in the decrease of hunger level but not of food insecurity. The delegation of Uganda believes that proper allocation and adequate amount of fund, professional help or training as well international support is needed to build stable foundation of availability, accessibility, utilization and affordability of food. As declared in the first World Food Summit, food security is defined as “ when all people, at all times, have ph...

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