High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Yeo Zhi Kai

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According to the FAO, “there is sufficient capacity in the world to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately,” and thus this food security encompasses not only of sufficient production of food for human consumption, but the whole process of the food chain, from how the food is first grown, how it is harvested, transported and prepared.

Currently, the High Level Task Force on Global Food Security Crisis, the World Food Programme and the Food and Agricultural Organisation are the 3 international bodies in charge of dealing with the current problems pertaining to food. But the implications of food security - how it affects child development, its effects on migration and demographics, the impacts of climate change, its impact on the global economy, and the contribution of the international community to solve the issue - mean that Post-2015 Agenda must encompass the contributions of more people.

Poor nations whose populations face chronic malnutrition do not have the institutions or resources to sustain themselves, and like any other nation facing a natural disaster, the international community ought to help. That means, to solve such issues, we need to establish long...

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