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Hwei Linn Khoo

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Topic: Post-2015 Agenda - Food Security

Debate about food security has intensified in recent times. Although there are many definitions of the term, most agree that food security is important and should be an objective of every nation. The availability of a diverse and sufficient food or agricultural supply as well as the economical and physical food accessibility of the population, are fundamental to the food security of a nation. Although Romania acknowledges that Romania has one of the largest agricultural areas in Europe, and thus have sufficient agricultural resources, food security has almost always been a concern in Romania for the last half of the century. In fact, in regards of rankings, the place of Romania within the European Union is 23rd out of 26 in the global food security index.

Even so, Romania’s dietary energy supply is above the average dietary energy requirements, which shows that Romania has achieved food security in regards to the quantity of food produced. However, food security cannot be fully achieved due to the population's restricted access to food due to low purchasing power and the increasingly frail domestic supply of foodstuf...

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