High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Suganti Devarajan

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Committee: High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Topic: Food Security Country: Hungary School: Commonwealth Secondary School Delegate: Suganti D/O Devarajan Simply defining sustainability would mean to show that it is the endurance of systems and processes. It is main factor is sustainable development in the areas of environment, economy and social. Thus, on this note, this delegate hopes, that the solutions that the HLPF will be coming up with to be a long term solution to food security issues such as eradicating the issues of hunger in many parts of the world. Hungary will try its very best to help. Hungary has its own set of problems as well which this delegate hopes will be solved as soon as possible. The first issue being decreasing agricultural activity, where in the time period of 2000-2010.About 3,900 farms ceased agricultural activities which resulted in a decrease of about 40% in their overall farming industry. This caused 21.9% of people to stop working in farms. Though Hungarian agriculture is self-sufficient now, this delegate is worried that as time passes by, this may not be the case as the poverty rate in Hungary is increasing. Every 100 people about 15 Hungarians are considered poor by the World Bank. This directly relates to food availability. Many countries are already facing this issue and Hungary wants to help, and for that, countries like Hungary need to be able to prevent the same issues of decreasing agricultural activities first, which threatens food availability. This delegate would also like to add the issue of trade, where more transparency is needed for better trade, as small countries like Hungary need trade to an extent. But there are other countries that rely heavily on trade. This delegate requests for the help of professionals being sent to those countries to help the authorities there to help their country be more self-sustaining. Other issues are like the losses that occur in various phases of the food chains, like for example if an organism is affected badly by a change in environment, this may cause disastrous results from crops. But Hungary has implement solutions like the formulation of measures that facilitate the development of shorter food chains, promoting the consumption of locally produced foods and the increasing popularity of farmer’s markets which all contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the establishment of conscious fo...

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