High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Gillian Cheong

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Sudan is ranked 68th globally in terms of nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The agricultural sector constitutes 39% of its GDP, and employs 80% of Sudan’s workforce. Sudan has a relatively inchoate government and hence, it has limited infrastructure and welfare programs. Nonetheless, Sudan welcomes aid organisations such as the World Food Program, Oxford Committee for Famine Relief and World Health Organisation, which have helped ease food security issues.

(A) Topic 1: Food Security

Sudan ranks 92nd out of 109 countries on the Global Food Security Index, higher than other African countries like Chad (108th) and Burundi (109th). Sudan’s agricultural sector is heavily reliant on weather, due to the lack of agricultural infrastructure and low to non-existent public expenditure on agricultural research and development.

In mid-2015, El Niño resulted in droughts that affected Sudan. This phenomenon is expected to continue affecting weather patterns till mid-2016. Simultaneously, Sudan faced, and continues to face, internal political conflicts such as the W...

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