High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development
Sri Lanka


Feng Yuan

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Committee:High-Level Forum Political Forum on Sustainable Development Topic: Food Security Country: Sri Lanka

According to the statistics done by Food and Agriculture Organization, the population in starvation is over 800 million and keeps rising in the current trend. Even now, one ninth of the world population is still in famine, which indicates that food security is the primary and urgent issue to be resolved. Sri Lanka, is country dependent on agricultural economy, faces the problem of lack of food supply too. Weak domestic food delivery and destitution cause the food scarcity in rural area such as the north. Additionally, disadvantage in international food trade market is caused by the lower food price in developed countries. It dampens the activeness of rice planting in Sri Lanka because of the difficulty in export and therefore deteriorates the food supply situation. Sri Lanka is now seeking for a solution that ensures long term food security through international and domestic means.

Sri Lanka believes that there is a need for the international community to aid the less developed countries. With imperfect infr...

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