High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development


Nikita Mandyam
United States

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Committee: High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development

Topic A: Food Security

Country: Algeria

According to FAO, food security is when everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food that meets their needs for a healthy life. Food insecurity primarily arises due to lack of food sustainability (comprising of availability and accessibility). Opposing the Malthusian principles, agricultural production is growing faster than the population. Yet food insecurity is increasing, due to inaccessibility.

The Millennium Development Goals have increased life expectancy, income, access to services and decreased child mortality rates and poverty. However, progress is far from the targets, not uniform and does not sufficiently focus on economic growth and sustainable development. In 2015, the UN implemented the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the MDGs’ successor.

Algeria contributed to the Initiative of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and played an active part in ensuring the success of the Paris Conference 2015. Algeria imports a substantial portion of its food, making itself vulnerable to price...

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