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Nga Nguyen
Viet Nam

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[SOCHUM] [The Republic of Austria] [Nga Nguyen] [Mental health; Protection of cultural heritage in times of conflict]

I. Mental health

Mental illnesses were once misperceived and have been underrated in a long period of time, but they have become a major global issue since closely linked to the quality of life. After the era of asylums, modern treatments and communities for the mentally-affected have thrived globally. Countries with major mental health issues like England and Japan have adjusted policies along with applying mental health programs. It is clear that international communities have remained at the forefront to improve the situation.

Austria, heavily affected by unhealthy living years, has an economic cost of 3.6% GDP/ year in lost productivity, health care and out-of work benefits. In the nation, there’s a close link between age, health and work: “The unemployment rate of people with mental illness is three times the overall rate and it is particularly high among older workers”. Neuropsychiatric disorders in Austria contribute 31.6% to the global burden of disease (WHO, 2008); dementia has a concerned number: 90,500 suffered in 2000 and the figure will rise to 233,800 in 2050, due to old population. With increasing proclivity, mental health issues are highly concerned and in high priority of Austria.

Austrian government has made prodigious effort nationwide in bettering mental health care. In 2005, Austria updated mental health legislation with the issue specifically mentioned in gen...

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