United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
Iran, Islamic Republic of


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Committee: United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Country: Iran, the Islamic Republic of

TOPIC A: The Fight for Female Migrant Labor Rights

Though evidently a developing nation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has greatly worked for its people’s rights and therefore has earned its place as an Upper Middle Income Nation. Though there is a greater Iranian Diaspora, the net migration rate in Iran is -0.07/1000 population (est. 2015) . In 2015, 1.40% of all citizens of Iran lived outside their country of origin; and total outward migration from Iran was capped at 1,123,122.

The ever increasing needs of people globally, has similar trends in Iran alike (1.2% population growth) , with more and more of its citizens becoming urbanized. An annual 2.07% rate of urbanization draws out the red carpet for migrant workers into the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, the urban population has sharply risen to 73.4% of the total population in Iran. With the rising unemployment rates both amongst youth and the senior population (28.7% est. 2015) , the women population face the greatest fraction of it (41.3%). Foreign workers constitute an important part of the unemployment population, many of whom constitute “unreported employment”. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran has brought to a national ...

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