Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Xin Le Lee

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Topic 1: Mining Mining has been and will continue to be crucial for developing countries, as it helps in the building of a strong economy, which in turns impacts the world’s economy as well. Being the 5th most mineral-rich country in the world[1], there are many foreign investors interested in the potential of the land of the Philippines. Even though mining helps create job opportunities for the people, there are certain downsides that need to be managed at the same time. In general, mining has negative impacts on the environment, which can be harmful to all.

Most mining companies make us of the open-pit mining method[2], though a law in South Cotabato that bans this way of mining has just recently passed[3]. We are aware that while this way of mining might be safer and cheaper[4], it is harmful to the environment in many different ways. Firstly, for open-pit mining, you will need to clear huge plots of rainforests. Afterwards, the use of toxic heavy metals and chemicals added with the consumption of gallons of water also affects the environment[5]. All in all, we are polluting the air, water, land and affect...

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