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Committee: SPECPOL Delegation: Republic of Indonesia Topic: The Issue of Mining Rights Since the beginning of time, human beings have always been using anything that is found in the Earth to their advantages and benefits. Among which will be those valuable items and substances found underground or even sometimes on the Earth’s surface. These are those minerals, ores, special stones, metal elements, raw materials such as natural gas and fuel, and many more. All of the above examples of resources are exploited for different reasons and motivations. However, the most important or rather the item which is extracted from earth the most is natural gas and raw gases and fuels such as oil. The collected fuel is of much necessity to create energy, power every electrical appliance. Since, there is a growing population, there is continuously an increasing demand for energy and hence the extraction of non-renewable resources have increased over the past decade. With the increase in mining, there is also a rise in the negative impacts of mining such as human rights violation, political instability, social prob...

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