Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Advay Sudarshan

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TOPIC 1: Mining Rights

The Issue

Mining is a lucrative industry and given its profitability for both companies and countries, there are many stakeholders involved in this industry. As a result, there are many issues which have arisen. Many countries’ environment have been negatively affected as a result of mining and some companies are able to take full control of the mining industries in some countries and breach environmental and labour regulations because of those countries’ governments’ inability to enforce such regulations and because of the lack of negotiating power those governments hold to ensure that the mining industry also benefits their countries.

However, the abovementioned issues are rather generic and are not the most important issues for Egypt. One issue which Egypt faces is that although many people are aware of the largely-untouched vast mineral reserves in the eastern part of the country, there has not been much government will to open these places up for exploration until very recently. Since the nationalisation of the mining industry in the early 1960s, the Egyptian Government has always chosen to focus on the mining and extraction of fossil fuels like gas and oil. Egypt is also a country which mines for coal and toge...

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