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Country : Spain Committee: DISEC A. Topic 1: Non-proliferation in Middle East After the World War II, and Cold War, the use of deadly weapon is developed by countries for decades until the atomic bomb, Weapon Mass Destruction, Chemical/Biological weapons, and Nuclear Weapons through all of the world. There is act to non-proliferation that deadly weapons by NPT, as we know years after the treaty there is more WMD attacks occurred in Middle East than any other regions. As a result of the usage of WMD, and chemical weapons; the lack of trust between States in Middle East emerged, and the situation make any of States in Middle East want to develop its capability to build the nuclear weapon much stronger, although, their statements said that they will use the nuclear for “peaceful purposes”. This unstable region, make United Nations propose “Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free Zone” to prohibit nuclear weapon in the region. Spanish government believes there should be a strong act to make Middle East as free zone from Nuclear Weapon under “MENWFZ” proposal. We highly committed to the multilateral system such as NPT, and want to contribute more in order to prevent proliferation, avoid access to dangerous substances by terrorists. Spain towards non-proliferation & disarmament is already sign Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968. We also one o...

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