Disarmament and International Security Committee


Choon Cheng Chee

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee Country: Brazil

With the credentials of being an active member in the International Atomic Energy Agency, and a country who ratified several treaties that aimed to reduce nuclear proliferation such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Geneva Protocol, Brazil understands the need to ensure nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East and essentially help to push the Middle Eastern countries towards nuclear non-proliferation.

At recent years, we have seen frequent instability in the Middle East. First, there was the Iraq war, Iran-PJAK conflict, and following that, numerous insurgencies and the Syrian Civil War. With so many conflicts going on and immeasurable number of terrorist groups in the region, Brazil cannot obtain the confidence to trust the Middle East in handling dangerous technology that could potentially bring the area irreversible harm. It is also Brazil’s fear that should any of the terrorist groups obtain any weapons o...

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