Disarmament and International Security Committee


Sachi Wagh

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security Council Topic: Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Middle East and Urban Violence Country: Djibouti

Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Middle East:- As technologies advance, it is becoming easier and easier for countries to access nuclear weapons; a major threat to world peace. Originally, nuclear bombs blow up due to uncontrolled fission (splitting of the nucleus). Such nukes are the ones that the non-ratifying states of the CTBT. But, The Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) claims to have a hydrogen bomb, which is due to fusion (opposite of fission) and causes much, much more destruction. Although experts suggest that North Korea doesn’t own a H-bomb as yet, but they’re most likely working on it. Once North Korea develops it, they may sell the weapon to Middle Eastern countries.

The major point of concern- or rather, country of concern- is Israel. It is the only Middleastern country believed to have a nuclear arsenal. All other Middleastern countries ha...

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