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Rahmat Hidayat

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Position Paper of Albania The Issue of Islamophobia

Introduction to the issue

Islamophobia, an issue that is increasingly becoming more prevalent in the world today. Fuelled by terrorist attacks including the more recent ones in Jakarta, Indonesia and Tel Aviv, Israel. The issue remains relevant in Albania especially since it is predominantly populated by Muslims making up 56.7% of their total population. Albania was previously ruled by the Ottoman Empire until it declared independence from it in 1912 but full to Italy in 1939 followed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) until 1960 and lastly they were ruled by China until 1978. Being conquered by several communist forces, Islamophobia in Albania suffers from it being associated to the communist propaganda against religion and the current conflict against terrorism is being fueled by the hatred towards the Ottoman legacy which resulted to Islamophobic views making Islamophobia all the more relevant to Albania. Anti-Islamic protests took place in post communist Albania by even their socialist politician, Fatos Nano who directly equates Islam with crime and their former president Alfred Moisiu who in his speech declared that the muslims in Albania is just remnants of the Ottoman empire and all Albanians are Christian at heart despite Albania being a multi religious country at the time.

Our Concern

The internal and global unres...

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