Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Ernest Wong

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Council: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Country: Republic of Djibouti Delegate: Ernest Wong, Commonwealth Secondary School Topic: Islamophobia

In present day, the threat of islamaphobia has never been greater than before. Ever since the Al-Qaeda initiated attacks on the twin towers of the world trade centre on 9/11 and the gulf war, which started from 1990 and saw the defeat of Saddam Hussein in 1991, the radicalized view of Muslims being hostile entities has been steadily increasing. Muslim men, women and children have racial slurs being thrown at them for no apparent reason. Sometimes, Muslims have to move elsewhere from where they are living, in fears of life threatening insults being thrown at them by the locals. Simply put, Muslims are unable to live normal lives like any other human being as long as Islamophobia still exists. Refugees seeking political asylum from the terrors of the Bashar al-Assad regime left their homes without any possessions, and wish to seek refuge in any other country to call it their home. However, it is due to the constant extremist fear that amongst the refugees is a terrorist, thus rendering them in a state of social limbo.

With the dawning of a new technological age, social media and other forms of technology have given us much convenience in our lives, but at the same it can do the opposite when misused by the wrong people. Social Media creates an ideal platform for these Islamophobics to spread their radical ideology. Many users of social media are in fact teenagers, whom are more gullible and susceptible to such ...

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