Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Michael Chia

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Issue 1: Islamophobia

Islamophobia surfaced after the 9/11 attack and has escalated with muslim extremists forming the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS. Because this group believes in an extreme form of Islam and aim to create a state in which their form of Islam is practiced, they pose a threat to national security for all countries by carrying out terrorists acts across the globe and have launched military advances in Syria and Iraq. Because of Islamophobia and the ISIS territorial advancements, foreign investors have been fearful of investing in Iraq and tourism has dropped. Obviously, this has contributed to the lack of economic growth in Iraq since the war. Additionally, the people of Iraq are being discriminated against. The stand of Iraq on this issue is that we are against islamophobia and would seek to eliminate it or minimally, reduce its effects.

To tackle this issue, the OIC has a yearly observatory report on islamophobia, ...

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