Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Valerie Tan

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SMUN Position Paper Committee: Organisation of Islamic Co-Operation Topic: Islamophobia Country: Republic of Cameroon

The turn of the century has heralded the genesis of a contemporary phenomenon identified as : Islamophobia. Although there are various permutations of its definition by parties, it is generally defined as the dislike of /or prejudice against Islam or Muslims , especially as a political force. Although this present-day phenomenon is prevalent globally, it is intriguing to observe systemic islamophobia in cases where territorial conflicts and geo-political strife is non-existent. Thus, highlighting the in its purest essence of ignorant and baseless islamophobia which is the metaphorical cancer of societal constructs. This is evident in Western countries such as but not limited to: the United States, France, England and other European states. Interestingly, the common denominator between these selected countries is that they have had experienced the occurrence of large-scale terrorist attacks, and have a Muslim minority. In respective order: September 11 Attacks, Je Suis Charlie Incident, London bus bombings. It could thus be concluded that the unfortunate incidents that are misrepresentative of the Islamic community compounded by the lack of informed knowledge of such creates an environment that is an easy hotbed for fear-propelled paranoia and stereotypical criticism. This is a root cause that should be looked into. Also, the fact that Muslims in these places are a minority also allows for convenient institutionalised Islamophobia compounded by skewed global opinion. For instance, France bans the wearing of the Niqab and Islamophobic sentiments are projected even by leaders in the USA (most...

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