Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Nishtha Gupta

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**Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) Delegate: Nishtha Gupta, School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)

Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation

Position Paper: Islamophobia and the Pandemic Control and the Hajj


Based on a study(1),conducted in United Kingdom, it was seen that Muslims faced the worst job discrimination in the country and they have the lowest chance of landing a managerial role. Muslim men were found to be up to 76% less likely to have a job of any sort compared to white Christian men of the same qualifications. In addition, Muslim women were also up to 65% less likely to have a job compared to their white Christian counterparts. This reflects that Muslims, indeed, are the most underprivileged when compared to other races in United Kingdom. Concurrently, the high hate crime rate in United States of America also states this fact, whereby U.S. Muslims are five times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than they were before 9/11(2). Islamophobia has taken such a strong place in many hearts that many of us do not see that we are depriving a fellow human of their basic right which is to gain success on their own esteem, without any discrimination faced by their race or religion. At the same time, we are also setting a bad example for our future generation by instilling a certain, negative mindset towards another religion into our children. Thus it will then promote a construction of a society whereby none will be able to trust one another and, hence the world would not have peace. Therefore, if ample opportunities are given to Muslims, without any judgemental views moulded by our ...

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