Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Melvin Wong

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Position Paper: Committee: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Topic: Islamophobia & Pandemic Control and the Hajj Country: Bangladesh School: ACS International Islamophobia, defined simply is the prejudice against Muslims, either through ideological purposes such as the portrayal of their race on Western media, or simply the xenophobia that people have against Muslims. With the onslaught of the ISIL as well as a number of other Muslim terrorist groups around the World, the hatred towards Muslims, innocent or guilty has become progressively prevalent. Beheadings, propaganda and destruction of precious artefacts are one of many extreme acts of violence that ISIS has done, and this is important in the resolutions that delegates need to address. The influence of media has had an extensive effect on the population, in which videos of beheadings of Western reporters have frightened and even made people instinctively hate the innocent Muslims around them. The delegate of Bangladesh strives to educate the population ...

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