Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Sierra Leone


Wong Shi An

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Committee: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Country: Republic of Sierra Leone Topic: Islamophobia

It is definitely known to most, that the fear for Islam and Muslims in present day, were mainly caused by the 2001 9/11 attacks in America. Islamophobia can be seen as a trend in modern day society, with rising percentages of racist crimes, specifically towards the Muslims in the United States1, with over a percentage of 16 amongst 1,140 cases of religious biased hate crimes were committed against Muslims. Islamophobia not only affected the reputation of the religion, it also affected the daily lives of the Muslims, from Muslim students getting abused in school, to arson cases on the Muslims' houses. The situation is definitely getting from dire to worse. Sierra Leone has always believed in peace and equality amongst the different ethnic and religious groups in the state, rarely inflicting conflict between religions, being extremely religion tolerant2 , with the majority consisting of Muslims (60%) and Christians (30%)3. Islamophobia is of not much of an influence on the people of Sierra Leone, as crimes that are religion biased almost did not happen in the society at all, everyone lives in peace and harmony with each other.

The Republic of Sierra Leone strongly recognises and believes that Islamophobia is a threat to most Muslims in present d...

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