Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
United Arab Emirates


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Committee: Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Country:United Arab Emirates

Topic 1: Islamophobia United Arab Emirates, though not directly affected by this problem, acknowledges the graveness of this issue as it is aware that millions of Muslims around the world are being deprived of their rights and treated inhumanely due to this. The Islamophobic mindset is also one of the factors behind the Syrian refugee crisis and the situation is getting worse by the minute. Many countries in the world have become victims of terrorist attacks especially planned by the Islamic extremist terrorist groups, ISIS and Al Qaeda.The wrong doings of these groups have not only affected innocent civilians but also Muslim residents, living in the west. Their actions have resulted in the portrayal of the Islamic religion to be an oppressive and violent one, completely opposite to what it actually is. And due to this the Islamic middle eastern countries like UAE are facing major defamation in the international community. People residing in these countries are terrified to travel to other countries in search for career opportunities due to the ill treatment of Muslims there. This is to a certain exte...

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