Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Akshath Malik

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Singapore Model United Nations 2016

Council: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Stakeholder: The Republic of Yemen (Akshath Malik)

Topic 1: The Question of Islamophobia

With over 3 differing non-state actors conducting hostilities and violence against the state and its military forces, Yemen as a nation is currently in a state of turmoil. Within the Republic of Yemen functions one of the most active wings of the Al Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), as an organisation the AQAP has claimed sects of territory on the periphery of Yemen. The aforementioned together with the actions committed by the Houthi Militias and the Southern Separatist Movement have lead to widespread destabilisation within the nation. With no foreseeable end to this predicament many Yemenis have reportedly fled the nation whilst others have joined the ranks of these violent non-state actors, in an attempt to overthrow the government. Moreover, Yemeni citizens fleeing the nation in order to avoid persecution by these non-state actors are constantly faced with the threat of Xenophobic (mainly Islamophobic) acts, herein lies the inherent connection between the issue of Islamophobia and the Republic of Yemen. As a member state of the OIC and the UN, the Republic of Yemen recognizes that once, Islamophobia (as an ideology) becomes subsumed within the character of an individual, has the propensity of inducing precarious amounts of hostility towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. Therefore, the Republic of Yem...

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