Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


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Position Paper Name: Meetash Narayan School: Millennia Institute Country: Republic of Tunisia Topics: Islamophobia, Pandemic Control and The Hajj Council: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

1a) Tunisia’s muslim community holds 99.8% of the country’s population, and condemns Islamophobia heavily as it is an insult to the official religion of the republic. The common error of associating Islam to terrorism is a worrying concern in the international community. Within Tunisia itself there is no Islamophobia concern given the extremely large majority of muslims in the demographics. In the 21st century, Tunisia has so far been victim to 5 terrorist attacks, 3 of which taken place just last year in Bardo National Museum, Sousse attacks and the Tunis suicide bombing. So far there has been no show within the country of Islamophobia by the minority religious groups that comprises of Christians, Jews and others. But the current Prime Minister Habib Essid has stated strong concerns over mosques in Tunisia spreading potential terrorist propaganda, which might cause the rise of Islamophobia if these attacks by terrorist groups were to rise. Overall, despite not facing the pl...

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