Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Gazi Thasin

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Country: Sudan Committee: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) Topic 1: Islamophobia Islamophobia by definition means prejudice towards Islam and the kind who follow the religion, Muslims. Over the past and change decade many extremist groups have come to light through their acts of terror: Al-Qaeda through the 9/11 attacks, Boko Haram through kidnapping of school children and most recently ISIL (Daesh), through declaration of using terror as means of obtaining authority over muslims. These groups have been led by misapprehension of the Holy Quran, believing they are doing what Allah has advised them to do. However, these have paved the way for western media to portray Islam as a religion which promotes violence, rather than what is veritable and exacerbated islamophobia. Islamophobia is ubiquitous in the world we live in today, and muslims, constantly being victims of hate crimes! Sudan is a predominantly muslim country, an estimated 70 percent of the popul...

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