Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Douglas Leong

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Committee: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Country: Somalia Topic A (Islamophobia)

The problem of Islamophobia is one that hinders the social progress of all Muslims at home, but especially abroad in non-Muslim countries. Through job discrimination, bullying, intentional exclusion from mainstream society, and demonization on the media, good, innocent Muslims around the world have been unfairly marginalized because of the abhorrent actions of a small minority of radicals and fundamentalists. As a less developed nation that had just emerged from a bloody and costly civil war in 2012, this has significant impacts on Somalia. Not just because there already exists a stigmatization that Somalis are untrustworthy, war-mongering pirates, but the additional burden of being stigmatized as a country whose people are intoxicated with the concept of Islamic radicalism and Wahhabism further increases the lack of trust from Western nations and deprives the country of much needed foreign investments. The problem is further accentuated considering the fact that a major part of Somalia’s economy compr...

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