Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Saudi Arabia


Kit Ng

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Islamophobia is a sentiment that plagues the world today, inciting hate and extreme dislike towards the Islamic religion and the practitioners of Islam. Islamophobia has manifested in various violent acts, both physically and psychologically; victimizing the practitioners of Islam by denoting them to be terrorists, resulting in them being discriminated in education, as well as service in public, causing much public humiliation and dissent by the Islamic community. Instances of engendered islamophobia in the modern society can be viewed in examples of two American citizens being rejected by Southwest Airlines on a flight out of Chicago as he was speaking in Arabic, as well as shots being fired at a Mosque in Southern California. With a plethora of hate crimes, islamophobia is indeed a poignant issue that needs to be resolved. Islamophobia stemmed from the history of violence that percolated the Middle Eastern region, resulting in the world connoting the area as riddled by violence and extremism. Extremism began from Egypt, with Sayyid Qutub’s extreme interpretation of Islam and condemnation of secu...

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