Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Palestine, State of


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Country: State of Palestine

Committee: Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Topic: Pandemic Control and the Hajj

In the rise of Moslem diaspora throughout the world, it is also a chance to spread the idea of Islam, to give the world chance to understand and able to embrace Islam as a religion. However, the struggle continued. Ever since the 9/11, the world plunged into chaos and distrust toward Islam as a whole. Moreover, it creates intolerance and discrimination that are driven by various combinations of racism, xenophobia, and religious intolerance, and specifically through hostility towards Islam and its adherents, which is quite difficult to differentiate those issue, let alone to address it separately.

State of Palestine have suffered from many aggression from our state neighbor, and create distrust between ourselves, either with HAMAS or Fatah. Moreover, by the disturbance happened within our domestic, radicalization spread within Gaza and West Bank. Fortunately, we are still fully aware of our identity as an Islamic Country, which is to promote our lofty Islamic values.

Islamophobia also affects the late recognition of Palestine to be acknowledged by Inte...

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