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Ankita Roy

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DELEGATE: Ankita Roy SCHOOL: Global Indian International School, Queenstown COUNTRY: Madagascar COMMITTEE: World Health Organisation AGENDA 1: The Universal Adoption of Immunisation

Vaccines have come a long way over the past century and have saved millions of children from once-deadly diseases such as polio and measles. With up-to date vaccines, people can now lead a risk-free life from most diseases. Though some vaccines do have side effects, it is important to remember that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

Issues: Madagascar has recognised the following issues related to vaccination: 1) Some vaccinations are prioritized over the other. It should be noted that all diseases are harmful and vaccination against all possible diseases should be provided, if there are any. 2) Rural communities hesitate be get vaccinated because of old traditional beliefs. Hence education is a must to teach the people about the usefulness of immunisation and thus they can head a safer and healthier life. 3) Immunization is an issue that has been widely politicized, and hotly debated in political rhetoric across many countries due to the visibility of the issue. Legal and ethical issues overlap within such concerns, such as the dilemma between autonomy and beneficence, as well debate over how immunization.

Country’s stand: Immunisation is amo...

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