Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Ilham Fadhillah

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Yale-NUS College Asia-Pacific Model United Nations

Position paper

Muhammad Ilham Fadhillah

Yishun Town Secondary School

Country: Chile

Committee: Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECOL)

Topic A: The War on Narcotics

The effort against narcotics is an extensive issue that encompasses issues from

organised to the moral and scientific validity of their criminalisation. In the recent past,

a wide range of narcotics which were previously witnessed widespread use were

banned save for two, tobacco and alcohol. There are countries which uphold harsh

penalties for drug abuse and trafficking while other countries have begun to legalise

their use in limited quantities. The countries’ outlook towards drug criminalisation may

also be influenced by the prevalence of the problem in their community. As more

research and experience is being gained by the global community, perceptions and

strategies towards solving the drug problem may change. Chile realises that the

traditional outlook towards the drug problem may not be the best solution and

alternative measures should be taken.

Chile is a Latin American country and is also caught up in the narcotics problem in the

area. The country is used as part of the trade route for these drugs. There are also cases

of drug-related violence. Drug addiction is also a problem. Cannabis has been removed

from the list of hard drugs and has been legalised for medicinal and recreational use.

Other South American countries have also legalised to use of drugs to different extents

which has led to improved handling of the problem in some cases.

With the decriminalisation of cannabis, the problem of addiction is more easily

addressed as there is less pressu...

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