Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Anjana Gundala

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Topic: War on Narcotics

Committee: Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

Country: Algeria

One of the former Presidents of the United States of America, Mr. Richard Nixon, declared a ‘war on drugs’, almost 4 decades ago, when usage of drugs was getting uncontrollable and manipulated for more than medical purposes. Even though there have been advances to shut down the illegal trade of narcotics, the ‘war’ is still raging and is far from being eradicated. Algeria is a has comparatively low statistics regarding the production and consumption of narcotics, however is a transit point for narcotics, especially hashish from Morocco that is meant to be smuggled to Europe. In 1994, Algeria had initiated to close its borders with Morocco, which reduced the importation of hashish and cannabis from morocco to algeria for a transit, however not significantly enough to deem it as satisfactory. Algeria has recognised drug trafficking as one of the top national security threats and since, has entrusted their army with the task of detecting, and countering this drug trafficking. Algeria has strict penalties such as imprisonment on convicted drug traffickers.

Algeria has...

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