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Mengxiao Gao

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Topic A: The War on Narcotics

1. Background and Country Stance

The State of Kuwait is one highly against drug use for non-medical purposes. Kuwait considers it a more serious crime for a person to make it easier for another person to access drugs, even if the facilitator/dealer himself does not use drugs.

However, this delegate believes that current efforts to completely eradicate the issue of illegal drugs and the abuse of narcotics is thus far inefficient, mainly because of:

a. The large underground community involved in the illegal sale and exchange of narcotics.

b. The availability and ease of access to narcotics.

c. The positive emotions brought to citizens through abusing narcotics.

2. Past Action

a. Organisations targeted at prevention of drug use have been formed, such as the National Anti-Drugs Committee (NADC)/Ghiras National Awareness Project against Drugs (GHIRAS), which has conducted various activities such as forums to educate youths on narcotics, as well as has a website accessible to citizens.

b. Kuwait has encouraged citizens to plant and harvest legitimate crops (instead of growing crops such as cannabis).

c. Kuwait strives to improve situations in less developed areas, so as to discourage citizens in those areas to turn to drug use.

3. Suggested Solutions

This delegate would like to mai...

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